Thriving Vices


Thriving Vices we all have them.

this is an outlet for the circles and circles in which my thoughts run around my brain.




“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.”

Paulo Coelho (via kari-shma)

Too relevant.

(via quote-book)

this wednesday has been lapped by a snail
and soaked in anxiety
minds skipping rope in slow mo’
sipping tea to the ticks
skipping rocks in the harbor
maybe i’ll lay in the grass
maybe i’ll write a book
maybe not
i’ll take a speed walk
and every stone will push you into the ground
every corner turned, i am racing further
heart pounding to my beat

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soiled sweat sexy
we tie ourselves up in these pretty little bows
this crisp wrapping
we tie ourselves neat
we tie ourselves as tight as possible
i tie myself uptight in the morning
as close to “conventional”
scoop the soil in a bowl
and hide it in a closet
hide it in a dressing room
hide it from myself
we wouldn’t even recognize me
still, sales are down in the third quarter

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It seems I am constantly trying to rid myself of experiences; constantly trying not to be phased by people. Trying to stop chalking it up to this, that or nothing at all. Being rich with emotion for a few days leaves my mind ragged, but instead of absorbing I am compelled to discard everything and pretend to be intact. It’s unfortunate to desire to forget something pleasant, just because that’s all it was.

had I had too much punch?
the floor was covered
dripping with neon blue and galactic red
smears of turquoise washed with pink
I won’t clean it up

we could only hope this burst was permanent

I’m trying to give, but sometimes they just won’t take it.


better to let the stranger who caught you staring think you’re interested then share that he looks like the younger doppelgänger of this guy who used to sexually harass you at work..

homogenized for mass consumption
swallow me easy
i’ve been pre chewed and pulverized
put my dressing on
you hunger for factory satisfaction
uniform packaging
i’ve been pressed and molded
cut up, filed down
stuffed & plucked
it’s in the presentation baby
it’s not eat or be eaten
it’s be eaten

here I am, throwing these words out on the table in a lockbox

just give me zip
zip me up or down
do not untie me
i want to be tied shut or tied up
i want to be laced to the gills
or hollowed out
it’s what i want
when i want
or give me nothing
none of your in betweens
none of your confused-but-not-misplaced intentions
none of your take backs

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